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Zombie Equipment Overview


This page will first give an overview of Zombie Equipment.



Zombie Protective Gear:


You must protect yourself during a zombie outbreak. In a perfect world, the zombies would never be within biting range (or exist at all). Because this is not true, we will cover protective gear.


Zombie Survival Gear:


Weapons and Armor are not always the most important item to carry. Sometimes it’s the small things that help you get through the day. These can range from matches to a compass. Remember, the key is NOT to have to fight the zombies. Survival comes first.

Silencer Construction

Silencer Construction

Silencers… Walking Dead style     Came across a video about constructing a silencer out of a flashlight. The process seems pretty simple if you are handy with tools. I guess The Walking Dead isn’t as retarded as we thought. Keep in mind that this is illegal without the proper paperwork for the silencer. This is also illegal in a... Read On

zombie teeth

Anatomy of the Zombie Bite

  Preventing Zombie Infection   The greatest threat in a zombie survival situation is being bitten. This bite will inevitably lead to your fate as a member of the undead. This is of course if you manage to pull away and do not die of blood loss first. You must do everything in your power to prevent the bite... Read On



  Zombie Protection   When it comes to zombie protection, you must prioritize your threats. The number one threat is being bitten by a zombie or becoming infected through other means. Being infected by not preparing for combat is a lot more likely than a group of zombies taking you down. As we stated in the “Anatomy of a Bite” article,... Read On



  Using “Zombie Bombs” may be a tempting prospect when fighting the undead. However, you must realize that for many reasons this might not be practical or effective. Remember, destroying the brain is the purpose of all zombie weapons… so let’s go ahead and look at what an explosive is and how it is used.   What is an... Read On