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Kel-Tec KSG vs M1 Carbine

KSG vs M1


Thought we’d have some fun this week. Today we are comparing the new and in demand Kel-Tec KSG (Kel-Tec Shot Gun) vs the tried and proven M-1 Carbine. There is a lot of buzz in the zombie community about both of these weapons. The M-1 Carbine is, of course, recommended by the Zombie Survival Guide (Which we don’t necessarily agree with) and the KSG is by far the most searched weapon on our site and others.


These weapons are opposites in most ways other than the fact they are both shot/medium rangeweapons. There is an over 60 year difference in the time they were developed. The M-1 Carbine was designed for military support personal and the KSG is designed for the civilian / police market. The M-1 uses heavy metals and a hardwood stock, the KSG uses light weight metals and polymer furniture. Alright, so let’s check out the specs:


ksg shotgun

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

Caliber: 12 gauge
Barrel length: 18.5″
Capacity: 7+7+1 tube fed
Weight empty: 6.9lbs
Weight loaded: 8.5lbs
Length: 26.1″
Action: Pump

Additional Info:
The KSG is a bullpup style weapon. This gives it a full length barrel while being half the length of similar shotguns. The KSG also uses a dual tube fed system, allowing different kinds of shells to be fed when needed. The rail system of the KSG allows for attachments (Surefire, optics, lasers, etc.) to be added.


m1 carbine

M-1 Carbine

Caliber: .30 Caliber
Barrel length: 18.11″
Capacity: 15 or 30 round magazine
Weight empty: 5.5 lbs
Weight loaded: 5.9 lbs
Length: 35.63″
Action: Semi-Auto

Additional Info:

The M-1 Carbine was designed for warfare. It’s heavy stock is suited for close combat and a bayonet can be added to increase this ability. The sights are suitable for short and medium range, but cannot be changed out for a more tactical option without heavy modification of the weapon. The 30 round magazines give plenty of rounds for extended combat.


Zombie Informer’s Choice:


On-The-Run: M-1 Carbine

The greater range, rate of fire and ammo capacity make the M-1 much more suited for on the move situations. The ability to add a bayonet to the rifle gives it some excellent melee fighting points. The fact is, this is a weapon designed for war and it will be well suited for the zombie apocalypse. I say this even though the M-1 cannot have more optics / lights added on without modification and the round is relatively weak to other carbines.

Defense: Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

The KSG can switch from a close range weapon to a medium with the different kinds of shells it can use. However, the primary shell used in home defense is the buck shot. The M-1 Carbine cannot provide the same kind of fire power up close. The ability to add optics also help the combat ability. The greatest advantage is that the shotgun has a short barrel allowing it much more maneuverability than the M-1. Bottom line, this is a great close quarters weapon while the M-1 is much more versatile.

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