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How To Kill A Zombie Infograph



How To Kill a Zombie Infograph


I saw this posted on the Zombieland facebook page awhile back.The percentages seem kind of picked out of nowhere, but I guess it gets the point across in visual manner. I would argue about some of these targets, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Never mind, I might as well.


The infograph says 0% effective on the torso. Yeah, that won’t do much to a zombie. However, it will slightly slow it down and has a chance of damaging the spinal cord.


So then it says 75% effective by removing the hands. That seems kind of high to me. I wouldn’t be trying to remove a zombies hands in the first place. Even with the hands removed, you are still 100% dead if it can bite you.


Alright, that is enough. I won’t overdue it with this. It does mention that this is for Zombieland style zombies. ¬†Here we subscribe more to the Romero type of zombie. ¬†Anyways, what are your thoughts on this?

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