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New Zombie Ammo

Ideal Zombie Protection Ammunition

Some new ammo has been generating buzz. Currently offered in 9mm, these CNC hollow point bullets look like excellent choices for zombie ammo. As a bonus, they aren’t touched by anti-lead legislation.

The projectile is designed to defeat barriers before expanding in the target. In the case of zombies, this would be skull. However, most hollow point ammunition is designed to mushroom on impact, creating a larger wound cavity. The G2R RIP ammunition is 100% made of copper and has eight ‘prongs’ that shear off upon impact in a predictable manner. This greatly increases the odds of completely destroying a zombies brain.

For instance, if you were to hit lower on the face, a FMJ round may pass through cleanly and not destroy the brain. The same POI with this round gives it the chance to still cripple the zombie without excellent shot placement.

The downsides seem to be that this ammo is now highly sought after and very expensive. It might be worth checking out though.

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