zombie shotgun

Zombie Shotgun

We will now take an in depth look at your choices for a zombie shotgun, their ammunition types, and variants. These weapons are primarily recommended for defensive situations due to the noise they create and the weight/size of the shells they fire. These are also recommended for novice firearm users because they are easy to use and have forgiving aim.

Zombie Shotgun Overview:

The shotgun comes with a few different operating mechanisms. However, I recommend using the pump action over the semi auto and break actions. The break action models only hold 1 or 2 shells, a major disadvantage. The semi auto shotguns hold a couple less than the pump action and are not as reliable. However, the pump action can not fire as quickly as the semi auto and is not 100% reliable like the break actions.

The pump shotgun has proven to be reliable, easy to use and the posses the highest ammo capacity. The security models can hold up to 8 shells in the tubular magazine mounted under the barrel. This magazine can also be reloaded one shell at a time. This allows you to top off your ammunition frequently. Pump models are also extremely easy for novice shooters to pick up and begin using.

Ammunition is an important choice. The shells we recommend are buckshot. Depending on your preference you can decide what type of buckshot to use. The other two popular choices are bird-shot and slug. Bird-shot fires more pellets than buckshot but each pellet is smaller and less likely to penetrate the skull. Slugs are devastating rounds but do not spread out to ensure you hit the head of a moving zombie.

Ideal Scenario:

You have decided to stay and defend your home. Since you will not have to travel, the bulk of the shells is not a factor. The doors and windows of your house has been fortified allowing you to move window to window, blasting the incoming horde as they mass. Grab your zombie shotgun and prepare for a battle.

Eventually, the zombie's collective weight allows them to breach the front door. This is inevitable, but you are prepared. You setup a kill zone at the choke point. With your ammunition easily accessible, position yourself approximately 20 - 25 feet from the door to maximize the pellet spread. Knowing your escape route is on the opposite end of the house, you prepare to hold out as long as possible.

You begin firing buck shot blasts into the zombies as they funnel in one at a time. While sliding more shells into the tubular magazine during lulls in the fight you save yourself from having to frequently reload. A high shell capacity was a great attribute for your zombie shotgun. As the bodies of the undead begin to stack up, it makes it difficult for the zombies to quickly enter.

Two things could happen from here. One, the zombies will all be killed while trying to advance. Two, you run out of shotgun ammunition. If the latter happens you will abandon your prized zombie shotgun, grab your pre-staged rifle/gear and escape.



Recommended Shotgun:
Mossberg 500

The low cost, weight and failure rate combined with the large magazine capacity (8-shot) make this weapon an ideal zombie killing weapon.

Recommended Ammunition:
00 and 0 Buckshot

The large caliber of the shot in these shells provide ideal skull penetration of the undead. Avoid the use of birdshot.