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Power Outage Zombie Survival Preparation

This is the sister article to Preparing For Water Outage. So the concept is that the power and water will soon go out. What can you do to prepare in the final hours or minutes? These basic zombie survival articles will have follow ups for long term survival. For now, let’s just get ready for last minute preps.

We are going to make some assumptions about basic gear you may or may not have. If you don’t have any of these, the can be ordered online or picked up locally. These items will be very budget friendly. However, you may want to look into some quality gear for long term survival.


Emergency Lighting

Start gathering your emergency lighting before the power goes off. You don’t want to be stumbling in the dark to find them. This is especially true if unexpected visitors, undead or otherwise, show up in the dark. Some basic emergency lighting can be some Emergency Candles like these on Amazon.com. You can also put out some Solar Powered LED Lights. A problem with this is that they may not be charged yet.

For non solar solutions, check out something like this: 12 Hour Glow Stick to help you get through the night. Also, look into some Budget LED Flashlights to stage around the house. These will give you long life compared to an incandescent flashlight. You will also want a high powered flashlight to mount onto your weapon systems. Most of these are pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for. Just to review, make sure to have these items dug out of boxes and easily accessible right away.


Heating Preps


So this can be very dependent upon where your location and time of year. Based upon your situation, this will can be a major or low priority prep. I don’t want to turn this into a long gear list article, but here’s a few tips:

1) If you use a wood stove for heating, make sure to start moving as much as you can into the house and as close as possible. You don’t want to be making frequent trips out to your firewood pile.

2) If you don’t have a wood stove in your house, choose a room to insulate well. This can be a long task, but there’s some things you can do right away like hanging extra blankets over the windows and sealing cracks. Now with your heating source, you only have one room to worry about.

If you are thinking of running heat off of emergency battery power, try to do this only if it’s a matter of life and death. A heater will deplete batteries extremely fast and leave very little power for emergency lights or radios.

So these steps are all pretty basic for lighting and heating. These are just some quick things that you may want to think about. Also, start thinking about what kind of gear you want to have for lighting and heating. Don’t overlook solar powered lights. Even the small outdoors ones can help out with lighting a perimeter. I have been able to pick up a few of them at Big Lots for less than $2. So far they have been reliable for over a month.


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