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SS109/M855 to be banned by the ATF


SS109/M855 to be banned by the BATF


The ATF is moving forward to ban SS109/M855 ammunition. This is an extremely common round that AR-15 owners use. For those of us that buy in bulk, it’s one of the go-to types of 5.56.

I know a lot of preppers buy in bulk and will unfortunately be hurt by this ban. I want to encourage the users of this site to write the BATF about this and contact their representatives as well.

We try to stay away from politics and technically, this is. The ATF has essentially abused their ability to interpret laws. They are not elected officials and do not have the power to pass new laws. This is a very disturbing trend. Some of you will remember that this happened last year with imported 5.45 ammunition.


Here is how you can find your representatives contact information:


Here is how you can contact the ATF and let them know you oppose this:


Here is the ATF’s letter about the issue and why a ban on handgun ammunition now applies to rifle ammunition… because they say so:
ATF Letter on SS109/M855


Also, MAC has a very good video on this subject:

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