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Water Outage – Zombie Survival Preparation

As we get back into the rhythm of writing zombie survival articles, we wanted to hit the basics first. We’d like to think that your zombie survival skills and tools will help you survive most other disasters. These scenarios can range from civil unrest to extreme weather. We’ll add this one in as a broad survival article.

So here’s the scenario: There’s an increasing number of infected in your area. Looters are starting to hit shops, taking everything of sustenance. It’s only a matter of time before utilities are damaged or abandoned.

You need to start thinking about your safety and supplies. It’s extremely important to have a supply of fresh water in any scenario like this, zombies or not. The federal standard is to have one gallon of water per person per day. That amount of water is for both hydration and sanitation. So what can you do to prepare in these last hours?


Fill the bathtub with water.

No, this isn’t for one last relaxing bath. This will store up to 60 – 100 gallons of water. This could be enough to last you months. I personally use a WaterBOB to store the water in a safe and clean way.



Fill up everything that will hold water.

This can include pots, empty jars, 2 liters, cups, sanitized garbage cans and buckets. Random thought, think of the movie Signs. You know, where the kid fills up glasses of water all over the house. Then the Aliens turn out to be allergic to the water or something… so then they use a baseball bat to smash the water all over them… yeah.


Signs (2002)


So, if you have about an hour of to prepare for utilities failure, these are two simple steps that can help you out. These are not long term solutions, but they will get you through the first months of an ongoing disaster. In a later article, we will look at what you need to do for a long term supply of water. Depending on your geographic location, that can be extremely easy or difficult. Personally, I live in the Pacific NW and have a river 100 feet from my house. I have actually had to use that as a source of water when the utilities went out for about 24 hours. On that note, remember that you only get one toilet flush… so use it wisely.


Disclaimer: I do not encourage the viewing of M. Night Shyamalan movies.

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